I am delighted to offer the chance for you to make your own Soy Wax Pendant at home, using my 'Sara-Jane' Homemade Pendant Making Kit!


The kit includes two moulds (to make x2 pendants), all the necessary ingredients and step by step instructions to help you create the perfect pendants, that could be given as a gift to a family member or friend, or be placed within your house, to create an amazing aroma.


Adult Usage

The Soy Wax Pendant Making Kits can be enjoyed by all ages, so if you enjoy crafting at home, this kit is perfect, as it will require you to utilise your artistic and creative flair, in order to produce a beautiful and fragrant pendant!


Children Usage

This is an amazing activity for children (+4 years), but all children would need adult supervision, which will result in this activity being the ideal shared experience, for family members to enjoy together.


In addition, children will also benefit from the following 'Areas of Learning', whilst participating in this enjoyable crafting activity/experience:


1. This crafting activity is so enjoyable, especially when shared with a family member, so it will actively promote self-esteem for all users.


2. Due to the nature of the resources, it provides a whole sensory stimulated experience; including the exploring of how colours and smells change throughout the process and observing how the wax reacts when cooling and making imprints and patterns within the wax.


3. The activity will also provide children with the chance to practice counting skills, recognising shapes and cover making comparisons of size and quantities.


4. The activity will last several hours (from start to finish), so it will develop children's patience.


5. It will encourage children to follow instructions to carry out each step in a sequential order, as well as improving children's vocabulary and literacy skills.


6. Adult supervision is compulsory, due to the high temperatures involved but all children can be made aware of these risks (by the trusted adult), allowing them to start to format their own risk assessing skills within the activity.


7. Under the guidance of an adult, children will work independently, to self-select their own resources and express personal preferences, so that each pendant is unique to that child.


8. Upon completion, children will be very proud of the pendant they have made and will enjoy giving something that smells and looks amazing to a family member or friend, promoting positive relationships.

Soy Wax Pendant Making Kit





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